Wednesday, June 2, 2010


No, we will not be blasting David Bowie in the store as a reminder to people that we moved things around a bit. I think that some of the changes we made will be obvious (big wall of sale books!) Others more subtle (I can't actually think of an example right now). We like to keep ourselves on our toes and shake it up a bit. We moved the cooking, gardening and crafts sections to some new bookcases along the front windows. We created the aforementioned wall of sale books, and we now have an entire bookcase at the beginning of lit dedicated to staff recommendations. So far, we like these changes. You?

Oh, New York and BEA was great. Met up with some old co-workers of mine, quite by accident! Attended a breakfast event that was moderated by Jon Stewart and hosted Condoleezza Rice, John Grisham and Mary Roach. It was a funny and irreverent way to start the day! Saw some great titles for this fall (I am reading a neat one about home canning at the moment) and walked, a lot! Will post more soon.