Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

If I was feeling really creative, I would have made this into a rap, but alas (or perhaps luckily) my creativity is dulled by all the fat, sugar and alcohol I have imbibed these last few days.

We had a few bright spots this holiday season. Notably, we managed to keep some hot titles in stock (Rustic Fruit Desserts). We also managed to handsell all of our copies of the new Thomas Keller cookbook. Many customers were thrilled with how fast we could fill their orders. Others were thrilled that we could wrap their gifts! We had several positive comments about our extended holiday hours. And, we almost sold out of our favorite holiday gift item (see above - there are only two left!)

One dull and sour spot, that worked out ok in the end was the delivery of our orders from a major distributor. The morning of the 21st, when we realized our shipment was again going to be late, we were feeling down. I called the distributor, emailed my rep, begged, pleaded, offered my first born (they declined, thank goodness!) anything to get the books delivered that day. Low and behold, one of the heads of the warehouse decided to solve the problem. He loaded up his minivan with our six boxes, and drove them four hours to our store. I know that for many, the holiday spirit is about love, family, sharing and peace. This year, Wes from Ingram reminded me that it is also about gratitude and sometimes doing a little extra to help someone out. Thanks, Wes.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sylla - wow, that was great service from Wes at Ingram. I'm impressed. Gary Lothian bailed me out earlier in the month, too, by sending me his copy of The Pendelton Roundup that we promised a customer and then somehow sold out from under them. They really do try hard and I appreciate it. We had great service from both Ingram and Partners this Christmas season. It helped make people happy over and over. You have a wonderful 2010 - see you in San Jose?