Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mystery Loves Company

Today for thee, a short list:
  • I confess my undying passion for Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, Eighth Earl of Asherton.

  • I also confess that the above mentioned Thomas Lynley is, well, a fictional character from an amazingly well-written series of mysteries by Elizabeth George and my passion shall go unrequited.

  • *Sigh*

  • I highly encourage you to pick up the series, starting with A Great Deliverance and read it, read it as soon as you can.

  • The series need not be read in order, but it helps. (I read the most recent one, Careless in Red first.)

  • Make sure to set aside a goodly block of time in which to read each book, as they will suck you into what I refer to as "The Book Vortex," a curious place where time and space lose all meaning.

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