Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!


Saturday, February 28th from 5-8 pm, join us at the bookstore to celebrate our fifth anniversary! The store is in fact much older than five, but we wanted an excuse to celebrate, and this seemed like a good one. Live music, bubbles and snacks will great you that evening. Everything in the store will be 5% off for the whole day. Print out this email and bring it in for an additional 10% off! That means you could get a whole 15% off your purchase for that day! And we would get to say "thank you" to you for sticking with us!

Saturday, February 28th from 5-8 pm.
Bring your friends!

Before I get too mushy and weepy I have to say, thank you. Owning a bookstore has been a dream of mine for a long time. Once, during a performance review that I was having with a supervisor at Border's, she asked me where I saw myself in five to ten years (note: DO NOT ASK THIS QUESTION. It is really lame.) I honestly told her that I saw myself owning my own store. She thought I was nuts, and told me so. Well, if this is crazy, I'll take it.

Being a part of this community has been filled with all sorts of fun. Little things like walking down Third Street and waving to people as they pass by reminds me that my children will never get into too much trouble in a town where lots of people know their parents! Wearing my pj's to Roth's for some morning food shopping, and being caught by a customer who wants to know if I have a book in stock. Having the best staff ever help me guide this store into a real community bookstore. Working with other business owners and neighbors in town to ensure that people know about our great downtown and the importance of supporting locally owned businesses. Since I have taken over the store, not once have I woken up and thought, "Ugh! Today I have to go to work".

So to all of you who have watched us expand, stock the store, try different events, etc. and have stuck with us, we thank you.

NOTE: I have just been informed that almost all my postings and e-newletters have at least one spelling error. For the record. I am a lousy speller. LOUSY. I know, I own a bookstore for crying out loud, isn't there a dictionary around? Well, yes, but that would mean I would have to move. I am lousy, and lazy. You will still read this, won't you?


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nathalie said...

I LOVE your store! You guys are awesome and thank YOU for all your hard work to keep the store going and growing.